The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

14 feb 2021
8 209 952 visualizzazioni

As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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  • The stupid 5 second jokes make this show borderline unwatchable

    Joe GloriaJoe Gloria47 minuti fa
  • Maybe those scientists are the ones starting the pandemics ... to show that they know what they're talking about ...

    Joanne MJoanne MOra fa
  • CCP is the current pandemic and will be the next one too! 💣

    David ShakespeareDavid Shakespeare3 ore fa
  • people are dumbass and politicans are selfish... so very little will change... when SARS hit and China moved to ban exotic animal trade and markets, they relented and the cycle of human stupidity kept on going...

    Wong JefxWong Jefx3 ore fa
  • The question is how many years do we have before it goes full on tribes of Europa ?

    Just a Regular HumanJust a Regular Human3 ore fa
  • I'm confident that the voice of the virus cartoon in Topher Grace.

    Scott IrvineScott Irvine3 ore fa
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    John LavvasJohn Lavvas5 ore fa
  • Ignorance has never been more bliss. We gotta make a real change if we are to survive as a species.

    Wedding DJ Rob SoundzWedding DJ Rob Soundz5 ore fa
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    Yrisneida PenaYrisneida Pena8 ore fa
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    Evy salazarEvy salazar9 ore fa
  • yes - that's about as funny as Seth's captain character - sad sad sad.

    karen doylekaren doyle11 ore fa
  • So, Either we change everything about how society develops Or we get really comfortable with masks and social distancing.

    Steven EvansSteven Evans11 ore fa
  • Instead of just collecting viruses and leaking them like Wuhan's facility, we should set up processes to make mRNA vaccines for viruses that haven't crossed species yet.

    rosentrantz0rosentrantz011 ore fa
  • I'll never understand how saving the world would "cost money" like what??? Where does the money go? Why do we lose it? Dont we WANT to save the world? So just fucking do it. Maybe I'm just stupid... but I really don't get that.

    Karley OvalleKarley Ovalle13 ore fa
  • Why don’t you come out clearly and state that the best thing an individual can do is to stop eating animal products. This reduces the futures pandemic risk as well as climate change. You just curtly discount it. Why don’t and your show crew set a good example and stop eating animals protein yourselves?

    Patrick HollandPatrick Holland15 ore fa
  • THE EARTH IS ON FUCKING FIRE yep nothing is free but it needs to happen

    John KabacinskiJohn Kabacinski16 ore fa
  • aren't humans animals? so then why can't we be infected by another animal, as animals are infecting other animals?

    ziggys shiznitziggys shiznit16 ore fa
  • I eat meat. However, there's one very obvious partial solution to this escalating crisis. Everybody should eat less meat.

    Ari HeinoAri Heino16 ore fa
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    dees kicksdees kicks17 ore fa
  • Jew

    Menu LasagnaMenu Lasagna18 ore fa
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    kyle graykyle gray18 ore fa
  • Lol. 11K didn’t like this video. Can’t face the facts or just ignorant. Both. Both.

    jules sommesjules sommes20 ore fa
  • How is any of that news to anyone? Was I the only one who seen the movie Outbreak? Heck even Ghost had a joke about contagion in the second scene of the movie! Not to mention all the actual outbreaks we had in the past 10 years alone! Truth be told humanity needs some culling and that is what the planet is doing… BTW: first Steven Colbert and now John Oliver talking to cartoons? Are we back in the 80s…? Bring back the rad toys and cool cartoon syndications then!

    Carlos FerrariCarlos Ferrari20 ore fa
  • anyone else not seeing this on there subscription feed ? thanks youtube ...

    shaundis buddyguyshaundis buddyguy21 ora fa
  • 🐀🐀🐀

    Puff SassyPuff Sassy21 ora fa
  • im just imagining Trump sayin something like "Amazing. 16 TRILLION! Thats so much. Have you ever heard of a President who had Numbers that high? 16 TRILLION, thats really amazing. Great Number!"

    Johan KramerJohan Kramer22 ore fa
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    Beng Keng NgBeng Keng Ng23 ore fa
  • "The most effective way would be to close down all wildlife markets, ban factory farming and halt deforestation" are good ideas, let's do that. What's the hold up? "Stopping eating meat altogether and shutting down all state fairs" is going too far. It's definitely the first 3 that will reduce the risk of pandemics 99%.

    Jacob CarrJacob Carr23 ore fa
  • JOHN FOUND MEGABATTIE LOL!!!! Been watching in QT for a year!!!

    SeagoatsundaySeagoatsundayGiorno fa
  • Question for you John: How in the hell the network can pay for your salary without any fan in the studio? And I find it very dull and dubious and very unmotivated for the host without any fan, do you agree?

    Jaiden XiongJaiden XiongGiorno fa
  • best joke is “et tu kinkajou” hands down

    bandyassbandyassGiorno fa
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    Balbina SantanaBalbina SantanaGiorno fa
  • Tuberculosis is a global pandemic such as the world has never seen. It has been for decades. Just last year 10 million cases were reported and 1.5 million died from it. ONE AND A HALF MILLION! That’s how many people die from it each year! EACH YEAR! It is the “most contagious disease in the history of mankind.” . It is spread from infected people talking, singing, laughing, sneezing, coughing or spitting. It is the most contagious pandemic in world history and has killed tens of million of people worldwide and is going on stronger than ever. . So, why were/are there no tuberculosis pandemic response demands from the WHO, CDC, governments, doctors, or the UN to wear masks, washing your hands? Where are the food shortages, toilet paper shortages, disinfectant shortages due to the tuberculosis pandemic? Where are the job losses, the shut downs, the layoffs because of tuberculosis pandemic? The quarantines, the social distancing because of tuberculosis? Tuberculosis has ALWAYS made flu-viruses like Covid-19 look like the sniffles. So what’s the big to do about Covid-19? New statistics are proving that even the elderly are not as high a risk as previously touted. . There are no knee-jerk reactions to the tuberculosis pandemic as with Covid -19 because masks and all of the above CANNOT STOP IT! In fact, herd mentality history indicates that those ‘preventative measures’ make it much worse. . Covid-19 is real but the toxicity is immensely exaggerated and the mortality rates are purposefully inflated for the sake of monetary greed within the medical profession and for the benefit of liberal politicians and their power grab. . For once, just once, people need to do their own research. There's an elephant in the room and it's called 'tuberculosis', and it’s exposing the lies about Covid.

    Memphis SommersMemphis SommersGiorno fa
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    Legit Pairv2Legit Pairv2Giorno fa
  • Lesson: Leave other species alone. Easy peasy, but the majority of humans are stupid just can't seem to do it. Eat plants, stick to dogs and cats for companions, and leave the forests alone. It's not that hard, millions of people do it. Stop whining and making excuses and do it.

    chapachuuchapachuuGiorno fa
  • Because Humans are lazy stupid fucs, the next pandemic will occur of course. BUT, a great way to FIX the world's problems is to FIX the Humans. How? Simple arithmetic!!! This planet can only safely handle 2 billion Humans!! Any more, this Earth Ship will eventually will kill them off, it doesn't care!! The Earth will survive, the Humans with fuc themselves to death!!

    Eric RogersEric RogersGiorno fa
  • And also watch out for tulips and tobacco. Sorry, this segment is hysterical.

    Thomas BirkeThomas BirkeGiorno fa
  • Another dig at Depp? You following corporate orders are you?

    jjchmiel78jjchmiel78Giorno fa
  • And this is why we shouldn't be allowing any debate or questions in the task of saving our planet. Put the laws in place and NEVER allow people to abolish them. Earth does not care about you, your family, your fame, your money, your wants or dreams. You are nothing in the grand scheme of things and so your opinion on saving the ONLY home we have is not worth much. But of course, those with money don't care and know they won't be alive long enough to face the consequences of their greed.

    CountryLuver001CountryLuver001Giorno fa
  • effective spread of fear, congratulations :) and fear contributes to vulnerability to viruses :) excellent! enjoy the next pandemic people :)

    Aleksandra BojadjievaAleksandra BojadjievaGiorno fa
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    Tommy SrsTommy SrsGiorno fa
  • thanks for chernobyl comment

    lera nepeinalera nepeinaGiorno fa
  • Disney did not make a mistake putting Johnny Depp in any movie. He is an abuse victim and not only is there no evidence that he abused anyone, there is actually evidence that she is lying.

    Darlene CaneDarlene CaneGiorno fa
  • Beancounters don't give a shit. We really need to take this country away from beancounters

    spirit469spirit469Giorno fa
  • I lived in a terraced house in Vietnam Thu Dau Mot City and bats lived in the wall space between my house and the neighbours. They'd fly in at sundown. We didn't get sick. Also another tourist place I've been to with fruit bats in the trees pooping everywhere is Mataranka hot springs set amid a lush palm forest in a national park in Australia. You swim through there.

    Kurt WalkerKurt WalkerGiorno fa
  • Why anyone would want to tour a bat cave is beyond me

    IttyBitty LexIttyBitty LexGiorno fa
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    Hans MirandaHans MirandaGiorno fa
  • If only John knew Tom Nook isn't actually a raccoon but a Japanese mythical creature called a tanuki.

    Stephen WaltonStephen WaltonGiorno fa
  • Amazing video!

    Pierre DaherPierre DaherGiorno fa
  • Kenneth!

    Morgan HMorgan HGiorno fa
  • Eating animals causes pandemics.

    Nm HunterNm HunterGiorno fa
  • Shows how the concentration of white-footed rats increased due to human urbanization killing of the natural predators. Tells the white-footed rat to go fuck itself when their carried diseases finally hit humans in a significant manner. Another victim of the blame-game.

    veroagheveroagheGiorno fa
  • HAAY! Paintball and airsoft courses are the only place it's legal to play with those kinds of toys.

    Kenny's Life StoriesKenny's Life StoriesGiorno fa
  • I miss the live laughs, but I'm thankful that you don't use a laugh track.

    Kenny's Life StoriesKenny's Life StoriesGiorno fa
  • i really miss john oliver in front of a live audience, but i appreciate and respect him for still doing his job, because this man's doing a really important job. It's time humankind as a whole stop ignoring impending disasters and john is doing a great job presenting these issues with both proper research and humor. And free on youtube too! What an absolute legend.

    gay rtzgay rtzGiorno fa
  • I can see why they built covid research labs in Wuhan now. Easy access to all the wet markets! Thanks for protecting us, government disease guys!

    xjohnny1000xjohnny1000Giorno fa
  • It's crazy how much more expensive the solutions to covid-19 have been compared to what preventive measures would cost. If the governments of the world don't do what it takes for the sake of saving lives, I hope they do it for the sake of saving money.

    Moa S AMoa S AGiorno fa
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    Hailee OctavioHailee OctavioGiorno fa
  • I guess John Oliver loves chines propaganda.

    asonofabitchfaceasonofabitchfaceGiorno fa
  • Aren't there too many people on the planet anyways?

    chris hansonchris hansonGiorno fa
  • I have be dealing with herpes for the past 5 years until i got review online about Dr Osaoji on ITworlds who cure my herpes virus.

    Dax LuckyDax LuckyGiorno fa
    • That's not physically nor scientifically possible.

      StormCrownStormCrownGiorno fa
  • I liked him better before the propaganda.

    Robert SaulRobert SaulGiorno fa
  • The boat foul sound clip sounded like it was coming from behind to attack me. So much for a relaxing doom and gloom with my morning coffee.

    Susanna M.Susanna M.Giorno fa
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    krista mccoykrista mccoyGiorno fa
  • Ide love to have a Tiger as a pet, But i also know i dont have the money or the space for such a cat to be able to be truely happy. I wont have a pet i cannot provide for, No matter how much a tiger may look like a large house cat, i know its not.

    matthew benardmatthew benardGiorno fa
  • Western people love free sex culture that causing HIV but no one is preaching them to change that

    bambang Hermantobambang HermantoGiorno fa
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    Leo CieriLeo CieriGiorno fa
  • Jon oliver, you are at the height of your game sir. Well done

    skyczy skyczyskyczy skyczyGiorno fa
  • 17:05 - "....poor mans Instagram, without any filters." Yeah, what a shame. Having the "Cute Baby Face" filter applied on the deadly infected pig, would be very nice. Poor pig doesn't have to look bad just because of a deadly infection! I hope there are at least likes! 😉

    Stefan JudStefan JudGiorno fa
  • I dnt have HBO so i didn't know about jon oliver... so this is one of those few times when the youtube algorithm worked amd suggested something actually good... now I've watched his shows from 6 years ago and i feel hooked

    Mikel JaëgerMikel JaëgerGiorno fa
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    Rapid AppleRapid AppleGiorno fa
  • It's not food scarcity - It's money scarcity. There is enough food - we just decided some people don't deserve to eat.

    Hellion SharkHellion SharkGiorno fa
    • Very true.

      StormCrownStormCrownGiorno fa
  • No mention of the virology lab at ground zero of the pandemic?

    Jonathan DorozowskyJonathan DorozowskyGiorno fa
    • Because they aren't related. Corrolation does not equal causation.

      StormCrownStormCrownGiorno fa
  • Humans really the deadliest virus 🦠

    IdolizeIdolizeGiorno fa
  • There has been one pandemic going on Earth for one century... You should talk about the overpopulation that is stressing and even dedtroying all our environment and ecosystem. So many people think it's myth.

  • Shame on you John, you are kending Creedence to this monumental Psyop, DONE WITH YOU FOR ALL TIME!!!!!!

    Louise HasbakLouise HasbakGiorno fa
  • I feel bad for the kinkadou biting Paris hilton. I hope it didn't get infected

    Cre HengeCre HengeGiorno fa
  • Lots of fantasy here

    Cre HengeCre HengeGiorno fa
  • K

    Martha PrimeraMartha PrimeraGiorno fa
  • John Oliver is a coward...missed a great opportunity to promote population control

    Duane SencheyDuane SencheyGiorno fa
    • Or and hear me out, we could _not_

      StormCrownStormCrownGiorno fa
  • Holy shit when the "boat foul" sound came on it scared the shit out of me.

    Adam GoodmanAdam GoodmanGiorno fa
    • These guys all sail for good reason. It's the only way to be sure you can always get away.

      Cr HuCr Hu9 ore fa
  • LOL he cant talk about Trump any more so hes looking for knew material now LOL

    Jay CuthbertJay CuthbertGiorno fa
  • At least with bloody diarrhea, I know I am sick.

    BunzeeBearBunzeeBear2 giorni fa
  • I like John Oliver and what he has to say, but that was kind of a low blow on Johnny Depp out of the blue. I liked his B+ Keith Richards

    VMunitVMunit2 giorni fa
  • almost like we should stop exploiting animals.......

    Luke JonesLuke Jones2 giorni fa
  • Humans eating wild animals? This whole virus is just mother nature striking back!

    Tyler HobbsTyler Hobbs2 giorni fa
  • As cynical as this may sound these days I'm really happy that I'm likely to die before the world really goes to hell.

    Mr_MengMr_Meng2 giorni fa
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    christopher phamchristopher pham2 giorni fa
  • The Mall of America is literally a COVID-19 vaccination site!

    Katie KirschbaumKatie Kirschbaum2 giorni fa
  • *Mandatory covid tracking is coming.* Do not accept it! If you do, it will never be removed, and you will NEVER be free again.

    robotron17robotron172 giorni fa
  • we humans are just a horrible species - what we do to those poor helpless creatures is just disgusting - meat & dairy industries being the biggest culprits- we deserve all that's coming to us... .

    C CC C2 giorni fa
  • I'm scared

    JomezJomez2 giorni fa
  • You mean plandemic

    MrIamcrustyMrIamcrusty2 giorni fa
    • Not according to the evidence.

      StormCrownStormCrownGiorno fa
  • Am I the only one that thinks they should have called this virus SARS 2 instead? Because then maybe people would have gotten their stuff together and treated COVID like the imminent threat it was.

    Zaid OrtegaZaid Ortega2 giorni fa
  • Salt Lake City

  • Just here for the latest leftist propaganda.

    neoarmourneoarmour2 giorni fa
    • Leftist propaganda news and reality, potato potato.

      StormCrownStormCrownGiorno fa
  • SLC -- LMAO!

    M.GM.G2 giorni fa
  • Love to show john。and we definitely could do more。however just counting back all the major pandemic there’s not that many originated on this continent。try not to name any nation in fear of being called a racist I try to point out there’s a certain part of Asia that had one too many Coronaviruses both SARS 1and SARS 2(COVID 19) just 17 years apart. Someone from our government really have to start and get that nation’s government to start doing it’s jobs. and stop their government officials from sending their sons and grandsons here to speed in our school zone with their Ferraris....

    AJ WangAJ Wang2 giorni fa
  • they won't let the scam die

    Wayne SmithWayne Smith2 giorni fa
    • @Wayne Smith since I live in the west? None, they are in the mourqe.

      StormCrownStormCrown15 ore fa
    • its a fucking scam....the actual china flu in the 50's killed people the scam?

      Wayne SmithWayne SmithGiorno fa
    • @StormCrown sorry to wake you up...but ask yourself many bodies did you trip over this morning...twenty thirty one hundred or zero?

      Wayne SmithWayne SmithGiorno fa
    • Which is more likely, the entire world is in on a scam? Or, and hear me out, you're mistaken?

      StormCrownStormCrownGiorno fa
  • And what can we do about? Eat plants instead of animals. Problem solved.

    UptempoMusicLessonsUptempoMusicLessons2 giorni fa